Distribution Phase

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The DISTRIBUTION PHASE is the final phase of your journey to saving money for retirement. 

This is the phase in which you FINALLY get to spend the money you have been saving for 20-30 years or more! 

This is why the first two phases are so important. 

​If either one of the first two phases are not implemented properly, it can have devastating affects on the Distribution phase.  This phase will need to most attention as you will have to determine how to use the funds you have saved for so many years. 

​The Distribution phase runs from the time you retire until you pass away.  The age range for this phase are usually between the ages of 65 to the day you pass away.  

The Goals for the Distribution Phase are:

  1. To define a plan of action on how you want to use your retirement funds.
  2. To Implement that plan of action to make sure your income needs are met.
  3. To work on other planning aspects of your distribution phase like wealth transfer.

Tips for reaching the goals of the distribution phase are:

  1. Determine how long you want your money to last.
  2. Determine how much money you want to receive each month.
  3. Generate your distribution plan numbers to see if they match the assets saved.
  4. Find special accounts that guarantee an income you can’t outlive. 


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There are many ways to build your Distribution Phase plan to make it work for you.  You must determine the money you will need per month and then see how long the money will last.  There any many planning strategies and tools we use to help you determine and build that stream of income. 

Some examples of the strategies and tools are:

  1. Guaranteed income Account strategy. 
  2. Split account concept.
  3. The 4% Rule.
  4. The bucket strategy.
  5. Interest-only planning method.

These strategies are here to help determine the best plan of action for your hard-earned retirement funds.  We are here to help with any and every phase of saving money for retirement.  Reach out to us to allow us to continue the education and planning process with you.

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